View Fees

In My Account you can view Fees, which displays current fees due on your account.  Did you just made a payment on your account?  The information is updated instantly.  You can even print a copy of the list, if desired.

Review the Fees dialog shown below:


Fees display three headings:  Title, Comment, and Fees.  Fees are displayed in the proper currency for the library's location; therefore, amounts will be shown in US dollars, pesos, pound, yen, etc. depending on your region.  In the example above, Fees is shown as the ($) symbol indicating US dollars.
The number on the right side, in this example, 1 - 6, advises at a glance how many items are on your list.

To View Fees

To Print Fees

TIP!  For the best print results, use Print on the Fees toolbar instead of your browser.

Caution:  If you plan to use the library's printer, there may be a fee involved for printing.  Check with the front desk for applicable fees before sending your information to the printer.




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